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The Missing Link of Atheism

Atheism is a religion with a doctrinal basis that requires, I believe, more faith than Christianity.  Now let me be careful here because I recognize that as many “denominations” of atheist likely exist as there are Christian denominations.  But just as Christianity has key tenets and rises and falls on the Doctrine of the Trinity, […]

Without Nothing, Where Would Christian Theology Be?

On March 20, physicists and other thinkers gathered at the American Museum of Natural History to debate the concept of nothing. According to FoxNews, “The simple idea of nothing, a concept that even toddlers can understand, proved surprisingly difficult for the scientists to pin down, with some of them questioning whether such a thing as […]

The Trouble with Science, Social and Otherwise, Part 1 of 2

We live in a world enamored with science.  All one has to do to give his ideas or product a good standing is to appeal to science.  Simply placing the adjective, “scientific,” on something gives the ring of quality and authenticity and veracity to a product or a to study or even to someone’s opinion. […]

Can Science Rule Out God?

First published March, 2013. Recently, an article was published by LiveScience.com entitled Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God? Christians should be shaking in their boots, it seems. Science, the article claims, is close to proving that God does not exist. What will we do? Natalie Wolchover, the author of the article wrote, […]