A Little of Our Story

Waylan and Betsy Owens

We both love to write about the family and about our Lord Jesus Christ. We will discuss things we have learned along the way that might help Christians and churches follow Christ more closely. Waylan focuses on the church, family, apologetics, and education. Betsy talks about marriage, raising godly children, walking daily with Christ, and good books. Both of us will write on other subjects that interest us from time to time. Waylan posts more often than Betsy who puts much energy into living out the things of which she does write. If you like what we write, you might want to look for Betsy’s chapter in the new book, The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook (http://amzn.to/14Cc6TI).

We have been married for twenty-nine years, and Waylan has served as a local church staff member, a pastor, a middle school teacher, a seminary professor, and a seminary administrator. We have lived together in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska, North Carolina, and Texas. Betsy grew up in Niagara Falls, New York, and studied to receive her MS in Nursing in Chicago. She practiced nursing before marrying Waylan primarily in adult and neonatal ICU’s.

We now live in Fort Worth, Texas, with our three youngest children, Joshua, Grace, and Mary. Josh is completing his humanities degree at the College at Southwestern, where he works in Communications. That probably explains why we have this blog! It certainly explains why Waylan is on Twitter @waylanowens.

Grace is our musician, playing violin and piano. She plays the violin in our church orchestra at Birchman Baptist Church and in the chapel orchestra at Southwestern Seminary. She cooks and sews and is quick to learn to do things with her hands.

Mary is our lover of animals and of children. She and Grace are in homeschool high school. Mary babysits and serves in our church’s Sunday preschool. She is quick to make friends, being great with people. Mary also cooks quite well and sews and is quite capable with computers. Both Mary and Grace work at Chick-fil-A.

The picture on this blog is a few years old, but in it you might recognize that Joshua, Grace, and Mary are from China. God has given them a different life than the one in which they began, which is what He does regularly with the people He created.

Our oldest child is Blayne who is married to Cari, and they have a son, Adrian. We are blessed that they live in Fort Worth. Adrian is a wonderful grandson and a great blessing to us. Born in 2013, he is growing in every good way. He and his grandfather like to sneak off to hardware stores and donut shops! Adrian really likes the donut shops!! Cari is such a terrific wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. We always enjoy having them around.

Blayne worked at two different Chick-fil-A’s over about ten years and was a manager at a record-setting, award-winning Chick-fil-A in north Fort Worth until he recently began working at Southwestern Seminary. He is a graduate student at there. Cari has her BA in piano. She teaches several students to play the piano. She is a superb cook and a beautiful homemaker who is able to create a lovely home out of any old space. We have seen it!

We met in New Orleans where Waylan attended seminary. Our favorite place to live was Soldotna, Alaska, where the Lord took us for a little over five years. Alaska is a beautiful and wonderful place to live and to rear children. We had many adventures there, but most of all, God blessed us to lead people to salvation and to grow in Christ while we were there.

We hope you are blessed by our work. We live to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ, and we ask Him that we might be a blessing to you. Galatians 2:20.

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