Worship–A Biblical Definition?

“Worship” is the source of much conversation among Christians, and it is part of the discord within many churches.  Much of the discussion seems content to speak of worship, for the most part, as one sort or another of Christian music.

At the same time, Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mark Liederbach, has taught that worship represents the appropriate understanding of the whole of life for a Christian as a response to God.

Still many other books and articles on worship have been written, and some of it is excellent, but the discussion continues and consensus on the definition of worship eludes us.

In an effort to help myself sort all of this out, I tried to write down just what worship is.  While I did not tie my definition openly to Scriptures, passages and verses were in my mind as I worked this definition out.  I do not believe my definition will garner a consensus.  I only pursue this for my self-edification and to help me to be more precise and helpful in my teaching and preaching.

I am interested in your perspective on how close I have come to a biblical definition of worship.  What have I added that should not be there?  What have I missed?

Thank you for your input and help.  I have defined worship as:

Prostrating my will, my desires, and my being unto the Lord Jesus, entering His holiness in fear, entering His salvation in gratitude, entering His love with joy, and entering His royal throne with humility, bringing praise and sacrifice, honor and glory to the King through words, attitudes, and actions in fellowship with fellow members of my church through the Holy Spirit.

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