So I Can Minister to Them–Revisited

My original post, So I Can Minister to Them, has drawn considerable attention, for which I am grateful. In that attention has been a small sample of confused replies from a few who seem unsure just where I stand on the marriage of a man to a man or a woman to a woman or on whether I mean that the Bible is our final standard on this issue.

Let me state clearly that the Bible is our final standard on the issue and that homosexual marriage clearly is not biblical. Beyond that, “so I can minister to them” is not in any way a biblical standard for performing weddings.

My point is that if pastors have not applied biblical standards to weddings prior to the legalization of homosexual marriage, they will have a more difficult time applying them afterwards. Pastor, are you ready for the pressure that is coming to give in to performing weddings between homosexuals?

It is interesting to note that my post was for pastors “who hold firmly to the Scriptures.” The questions have come mostly from non-pastors. I am hopeful, therefore, that pastors are understanding my point.


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