Public education and a millstone

Any illusion some may have harbored that public education in America was still primarily about learning information and skills in academic subjects such as math, science, and history should now be put to rest for good.

Public education is openly and clearly a political tool for the changing of society at large and the indoctrination of our children contrary to most parents’ beliefs and morals and contrary in many cases to simple common sense.

In this blog, (here) Phyllis Schlafly discusses the move in high school sports to remove all vestiges of sexual differences, especially with regard to the “transgendered.”  She also notes the current administration’s move to end what has  been known as effective in educating children for a long time, single-sex classrooms, boys or girls only classes.  Whether you or I agree as to the approach’s efficacy, the fact is that there is significant evidence that such an approach can benefit the education of our children.  The politicians and educational bureaucrats of our nation are not nearly as interested in education, it seems, as in social engineering, if they have interest in our children’s education at all.

Schlafly also reports the following: “The ACLU sent a letter to the Gloucester County, Virginia, School Board urging it to reject the policy that would limit school restrooms and locker rooms to ‘the corresponding biological genders.’”  How in the world would an ACLU victory benefit children’s learning?  Has some new grand study been done that proves that restricting boys to the Boys Restroom and Locker Room does lasting damage to their ability to read or to do math?

Public education is now little more than a battleground in what has been called the Culture Wars, and our children are paying the price.  Children always are the ones who pay for cultural denigration from standards envisioned in God’s Word through divorce, abortion, the sexual revolution, etc.  As you read this post by Schlafly, ( think of these words, “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  Jesus did not say these words of any and every sin.  Only of one.

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