Churches, change your bylaws

With the recent Supreme Court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act along with lower court and state rulings both legalizing same-sex marriage and requiring business owners to violate their consciences and to offer services to same-sex weddings, many churches wisely are turning to update their bylaws.  I believe that your church should, too.

Church bylaws should include clear statements related to the church’s theology of marriage and its practice.  The statements do not have to be excessively negative, but they must state clearly the church’s position on same-sex marriage and the church’s limits to participation in such marriages due to its doctrinal beliefs.

Some churches I know are now limiting weddings to members only.  This is fine, but it is not enough. Even churches who work diligently at keeping a clear membership roll could have a member show up wanting a same-sex marriage.  Since more and more “churches” are embracing same-sex marriage, the mere fact that you are a church might not shield you from these things.

The mainstream media is onto this.  Read here and think about it:

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