Thanks to the Gosnell Police and Prosecutors

I have not heard much about the police or the prosecutors involved in the Gosnell trial. That might be because the media has not covered the trial. Whatever the reason, I think they should be thanked.

An Awful Job. Imagine walking into the Gosnell clinic and discovering baby feet in jars and the filthy conditions in which women were mistreated. Imagine beginning to unravel this sordid story in graphic detail. Imagine having to compile the case, to view every photo, to interview and depose the witnesses, to live with the pain every night. I would not have been able to sleep. Imagine bringing these things to court, talking about them in view of the public, arguing the case with passion. How draining. I pray for them all and for their families. I have read a little, blogged a little, and tweeted some about the case, and I am exhausted by the ugliness of it all. I am thankful for men and women who will take this on and stay the course of justice.

Job Insecurity. When you work in the public domain, when perhaps you have been elected or you are depending upon someone who has been elected to keep you employed, it is not a simple thing to go against the entire media establishment. This prosecution requires courage. The best thing might be for the media to be silent. Doubtless when the pro-choice media engages, every policeman and every prosecutor will have every closet opened and every decision and word examined in an effort to undermine the impact this case could have on abortion in America. These prosecutors work and live in Philadelphia, politically a pro-choice city. They knew what they were getting into, and still they have not pulled back or softened the case. We still have courageous Americans in our government, and I am thankful.

17 Years. For 17 years, no police investigated, no prosecutors prosecuted. I bemoan the damage and death that Gosnell inflicted in those 17 years. Yet I am grateful for these police and for these prosecutors lest another 17 years should have passed or worse, lest Gosnell should have never been prosecuted.

The Future. Even if they win the convictions they seek, the prosecutors and police will carry this case with them for the rest of their lives. They have been part of cleaning up nothing short of a holocaust. They are staring down evil, and it will take its toll. I hope and pray some are believers who can draw upon the strength and comfort of the Holy Spirit for themselves and for others. I pray for them all to find His strength personally and ask you to do the same.

To the prosecutors and to the police in the Gosnell case, I say thank you.

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