Six Stories to Watch Within the Gosnell Story

By now you are aware of the Kermit Gosnell trial. According to The Capitol Watch timeline (, the abortionist has been charged with 310 counts of violating the Abortion Control Act and the deaths of seven babies. The deaths of two women after Gosnell abortions have been confirmed. Gosnell ran his Philadelphia clinic for 17 years without any inspection by Pennsylvania Department of Health. Much more could be recounted.

Within this story here are six stories that must be watched for their impact on America:

Hate Silence. The silence of the mainstream media is well documented. But will Americans recognize it for what it is, Hate Silence? This silence is bad for ratings, bad for income, bad for everything true journalists hold dear. It cannot be a love for abortion that has caused it. Only hate can drive an entire group of people to so totally harm and to destroy themselves in this way. Hate for the pro-life movement must be at the forefront, but is that sufficient. Could it be hate for the Catholic Church and for conservative evangelicals? Or has the media hate for social conservatives climbed so high? How will this hate silence impact America?

Government Favoritism. For 17 years, the Pennsylvania government never even checked this clinic. Women in the hospital ER did not merit checking. Rumors and stories did not merit checking. If I take my kid to the ER with a bruise on his head, or if my neighbor calls CPS for spite, someone investigates me. But no one checked this clinic. Why? Certainly, no Pennsylvania restaurant would receive so little notice from the health department. Why did the government show so much favoritism to this abortion clinic? Corruption? Abortion worship? Does the Pennsylvania government hate women? How will this infamous case of government favoritism impact America?

Moral Bankruptcy. Never has it been painted so clearly that abortion and murder are one. Yet there was insufficient moral deposit in the accounts of Gosnell’s workers for them to make true moral judgments. When one worker was asked whether she thought killing living babies by snipping their necks was immoral, she responded, “At first I didn’t.” Another said, “I never knew it was murder.” Gosnell even cut off and saved the feet of dead babies as trophies. The workers there felt repulsed by some of it, but never felt moral conviction that what they were doing was wrong. “I only do what I’m told to do,” she told the jury. “What I was told to do was snip their neck.” How many war criminals claimed the same defense? How will this in-your-face evidence of moral bankruptcy in the face of unambiguous evil affect America?

Non-Regulation. In Gosnell’s abortion mill, according to The Capitol Hill report, a 15 years old girl, hired by Gosnell, “went from answering phones to doing ultrasounds, administering intravenous medicine, and, ultimately, assisting Gosnell in abortions.” My 15-year-old homeschooled daughter is not allowed to work at a fast food restaurant except under severe restrictions. Until he was 16, my son was not be allowed to climb a ladder at work or even to enter the freezer. Another non-doctor employee at Gosnell’s saw patients, performed abortions, wrote prescriptions, etc. Where were the regulators? The government regulates banks and light bulbs and donut shops. Not abortion mills? Will new regulations come out of this tragedy? How will this regulation disaster impact America?

Feminine Degradation. Where are the feminists? Gosnell exclusively injured and harmed mothers. Never fathers. He was selective in his business to go after women, to deceive them, to harm them, and even, perhaps, to cause their deaths. He did this to women all in the name of greed. Killing a woman’s baby degrades a woman already. Now America sees the process and the disdain of women in it. Motherhood is the one quality of a woman that a man can never share. When motherhood is mocked and stripped from a woman, her uniqueness and dignity is assaulted. Gosnell assaulted women with a vengeance. The media is engaging in hate silence, but what Gosnell has done to women must be the archetypal form of hate crime. How will these palpable images of the degradation of women impact America?

Church Response. One last story to watch will be the response of the church. Already, the church is alive and working to uncover the story for the American people. We are doing a good job of talking about it and tweeting it out. Will America recognize our response as different? Will we speak truth where the world and its media are silent? Will America sense the godly mixture of grace and righteousness so prevalent in Christ and the prophets and disciples? Will the church love the victims as we love the story? Will the church repeat the story of the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ and his provision of forgiveness and hope that mothers of aborted babies so desperately require? How will the church response impact America?

Time will tell. One day, we will look back to this trial. And we will see how these stories impacted America.

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