Twitter Has Been Good for Me


When I started on Twitter, at the urging of others, I did not enjoy it and even stopped for a while. I do not know about you, but I do not think in 140 character phrases. Stopping Twitter was helpful. The second start was better than the first.

Now I am not a Twitter guru, and likely, there are some who find my efforts quite amateurish, but I have to admit now that Twitter has been good for me in three ways.

1. Keep It Short. Twitter is teaching me to keep it short. My two sons are on Twitter and constantly remind me that I am trying to do too much in 140 characters. Now that I am blogging, I am struggling with this all over again. One son showed me a principle in a very popular book on social media that blogs should not go over 500 words. That is hard! Twitter can help my preaching, no doubt!

2. KISS. Most of us know the KISS principle though different people fill out the acronym differently. My older brothers taught me that it stands for: Keep It Simple, Stu—. Since we do not use that final word in our home, I have shrouded it in some mystery, but I think you can figure it out. Simplicity in communication is vital these days, and Twitter is helping me think in simpler forms and to get to the point.

3. Think Quickly. In Twitter, timing is vital. You must review and sort hundreds of tweets each day, and you must decide quickly what to tweet and whether to tweet or to re-tweet. I had a busy life before Twitter. I had to learn to move quickly on Twitter.

I do not know if my presence on Twitter has helped anyone else, but, in these three ways, being on Twitter has helped me.

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