Duck Commander and The Simple Gospel

Can it be that simple?

Phil Robertson is the Duck Commander, the creator of a duck call company and one of the stars of the new hit television show on A&E called Duck Dynasty. LifeWay has presented Phil’s salvation testimony via video at

In his testimony, Phil tells of “God coming down in flesh” to pay the price and to remove all of his sin. Then he says, “It’s actually too wild a story to dream up by human beings, especially sinful ones.”

That really is the key. No sinful human ever would or could dream up a God who comes to earth as a baby, lives as sinless man, and dies to pay the price for my sin and to remove it as far as the East is from the West. Sinful men can dream up a God who expects me to work to impress Him or who allows me to rotate through some eternal process of renewal and becoming better or even one who allows me to receive many virgins in Heaven because I have killed infidels.

But no sinful human could imagine a God who would die an embarrassing and shame filled death while people spat on Him and laughed and wagged their heads, simply to forgive me by grace, expecting only that I trust Him and continue to live according to His love and grace.

And since no human could have thought it up, it must have been given to us by the very God at the center of the story.

Then Phil challenged doubters. “If you’re not a believer and you don’t believe God exists at all, about the only hope you have is He not be there. That’s your hope: “maybe He’s not there.”

If it is not the God who loved you and died for you, then who is it? Is your only hope that the God you are rejecting, really is not there after all?

In a few short words of biblical truth, a self-professed redneck from Louisiana has summed up the paradox at the center of the universe and the ultimate question it poses to man. It really is that simple.

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