Monthly Archives: February 2013

Can Science Rule Out God?

First published March, 2013. Recently, an article was published by entitled Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God? Christians should be shaking in their boots, it seems. Science, the article claims, is close to proving that God does not exist. What will we do? Natalie Wolchover, the author of the article wrote, […]

Training Our Children in Generosity

We quit teaching our children to share a long time ago when we were challenged on it by an article my wife read. What’s wrong with sharing? Well, technically, nothing is wrong with sharing. In fact, sharing is quite biblical. We read in Hebrews 13:16, “But do not forget to do good and to share, […]

Can the Bible Be Enough?

Yesterday a friend told me a story about a conversation he had on an airplane with a woman who is an insurance executive (IE). It went something like this: IE: I am a Lutheran. What are you? Friend: I am a Baptist. IE: Oh, you are one of those people who hate homosexuals. Friend: We […]

Moving a Church Toward Christ

Church leaders can become discouraged when their churches are not moving forward. Some churches are militant against change, but most churches today are composed of people who live in a world that is changing all the time. In the 21st century, we have learned to roll with change and even to see change as a […]